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Brackets For Barrier Baskets & Window Boxes

Make Your Planters Secure

Our design team know how important making our planters secure and fit a wide range of posts, railings, etc.

Strong and sturdy, our brackets are made from the finest steel and can be supplied painted to your chosen colour scheme, galvanised or even coated.

Our range of standard brackets covers a wide range of fixings, but we can go that extra mile and adapt our brackets to suit your specific needs.

Barrier Baskets

We have three standard sizes that fit the vast majority of railings: -

Part No. PBB50 for railings up to 50mm wide and 70mm deep

Part No. PBB70 for railings up to 70mm wide and 95mm deep

Part No PBB50R for round railings up to 50mm in diameter

If our standard range of brackets does not suit your application then we can manufacture a bracket to suit your specific needs.

Optional Security Bracket

Our simple security bracket helps keep your liners secure from vandals or thieves. The bracket slides down inside each liner and is secured by a cap head screw.

Window Box Brackets

Our window box brackets come with a security lug that slides down inside the window box and prevents it from becoming dislodged.

Part No. PWBWALLBRKT fixes to walls

Part No. PWBWELBRKT (not shown) fixes to welcome to sign posts up to 75mm in diameter

Part No. PWBSPCLBRKT is for side mounting to railings or barriers and is manufactured to suit your needs


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