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Plantscape adds a splash of colour as its decorates Derby’s graduation ceremony for the second time this year

Posted by admin on December 16, 2016

Over the past few weeks we have proven that we don’t need the warming rays of the summer sun to bring the best out of our products after we supplied an eye-catching display undercover – in the middle of autumn.

For the second time this year, Plantscape was asked to decorate the front of the stage for the University of Derby graduation ceremony, which was held at Derby Arena last month.


We have provided the floral displays for the university’s graduation ceremonies for the past number of years, including the previous event in July.

This time, we opted to add a splash of colour using autumnal cyclamens, asters, chrystanthemums and small rose bushes, topping the display off with a dramatic splash of red from dozens of festive poinsettas – with small palms, cordyline and variegated ivies as well to add plenty of foliage.

Mark Stone, managing director of Plantscape, said: “The vast majority of our displays are installed during the summer in streets and public spaces all over the country but it’s nice to enjoy some variety by mounting a display indoors for the University of Derby.

“The university has had two graduation ceremonies this year and we are delighted to have been invited to decorate both of them.

“We used hydrangeas, palms and polyanthus during the summer but wanted to brighten up the autumn day outside, which is why we went for lots and lots of colour this time.

“We were very pleased with the result, which made a real impact and showed that we have plenty of strings to our bow.”


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